ZAPID report released

Zonal Authorisation Procedure Improvements (ZAPID) workshop 5-7 December 2023, Braunschweig, Germany


COM released the report of the workshop. We would like to point out that based on the conclusions/recommendations from the workshop numerous follow-up actions on procedural/technical matters are expected in the zonal process for authorization of PPPs.

At this stage we put emphasis on the following:

-         Feasibility check of new GD before these are noted and training courses on their application

-         Excellence network of experts to deal with specific scientific issues

-         Prioritisation to new, low-risk PPPs, CfS, minor uses

-         Thorough completeness check of dossiers before passing to the detailed risk assessment

-         Upcoming Court cases (C-308/22, C‐309/22 and C‐310/22) will determine the way new information/knowledge will be taken on board

-         New procedure for the assessment of new a.s. data submitted post-approval

-         EU database for co-formulants and the principle of “one substance one assessment”

-         Definition of biopesticides

-         Longer period of approval of low-risk substances

-         Interzonal procedure for the assessment of low-risk PPPs


The full report is available in the following link: