Workshop ZAPID (Zonal Authorization Procedure Improvements and Developments)

Dear friends,

We would like to inform you that the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety is hosting on 5-7 December 2023 a very important workshop in Braunschweig (Germany).

During the workshop the following topics are to be discussed:

-         Meeting legal requirements

-         Harmonising zonal decision making – Special focus on Mutual Recognition, minor uses, and assessment of co-formulants

-         Work sharing on digital platforms - The future of IUCLID in ppp authorisation procedures

-         Implementation of new scientific and technical knowledge - Guidance Documents (e.g. GD SANCO 10328/2004)

-         Authorisation of ppp in the light of the Green Deal - Low risk, biocontrol and non-chemical ppp assessment

Workshop will be attended by COM, EFSA, MSs representatives and stakeholders.

Stay tuned!!!