Compendium of conditions of use to reduce exposure and risk from plant protection productsτήσεις

In the SCoPAFF meeting of March 2024 it was endorsed a new GD describing new application techniques reducing human and environmental exposure.

The compendium lists conditions of use for plant protection products (PPP) that can reduce human and environmental exposure – and thereby mitigate the risks of the use of PPP - needed for authorisation of PPP.

In the short term, the compendium aims to be the starting point for further mapping and validation of the available conditions of use and specific technologies to reduce exposure from pesticides in the European Union. The specific and innovative conditions of use could be considered in the risk assessment and in the regulatory decision making of plant protection products, encouraging harmonisation. It is intended to update this document regularly to keep pace with technical and regulatory innovation.

Personal protective equipment, specific spraying technologies (including precision application techniques), application rates, time restrictions for the applications, indoor uses and other land use measures as buffer zones, are examples of conditions of use included in the document. Practices to prevent risks of phytotoxicity or practices recommended by integrated pest management which need to be implemented before the use of any plant protection products in order to reduce dependency on pesticides (for instance the use of resistant varieties, the sowing density of the crop, or fertilisation regimes) are not in the scope of this document since they are not considered for the risk assessment/management of active substances/plant protection products.

The document also describes the role that these conditions of use may play in different steps of the regulatory context process, i.e., risk assessment and regulatory decision making of active substances and plant protection products.

The document is available in the following link:

Pesticides Guidance Documents (


MEDPEST can assist you to make use of the new guidance document in the risk assessment of your products.